Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

1.Workplace Safety and Health Policy

In consideration of importance of working environment and employee’s personal safety protection measures, the Company establishes the occupational safety and health personnel, as set out in the provisions in accordance with the ISO 14001 management system and occupational safety & health management regulations; in terms of workplace safety, the Company conducts the risk control of significant environment aspects and makes use of goals and project management to prioritize improvement; the lower risks will be controlled by means of operational control. With the good performance and improvement, the outstanding effectiveness and control are both obtained.

A.Comply with the statutory requirements

Adhering to the initial principle of being people friendly and valuing talents, the Company positively creates a workplace of safety, health and friendliness, based on the legislative objective of the Occupation Safety and Health Act, in order to build up an environment of happy workplace and satisfy the expectation of the related interested groups.

B.Carry out the automatic examination

The Company conducts, on a regular and irregular basis the management, supervision and improvement of the internal related automatic checks in a high-level and diligent attitude pursuant to the occupational safety and health management regulations and the equipment criteria in each statutory act.

C.Implement educational training

The Company sets up the annual educational training plan, which respectively schedules the educational training of the newcomers and in-service staff; within one month after enrollment, the newcomers will receive 3-hour educational training on occupational safety and health, while the in-service staff will be scheduled to receive the same once three years. The Company will continue being concerned about the results of the staff training and conducting tracking and analysis; it will also conduct one fire drill training once half a year in compliance with the regulations, so as to enable the employees to understand the response measures, escape routes, etc., when the disasters take place. The Company will make changes and adjustment, refinement and optimization of the staff safety and health training in order to reduce the occurrence of dangers in the workplace.

D.Safety and health audit

The Company collects the domestic and overseas information of safety and health and irregularly integrates the internal resources of the Company in order to upgrade the safety grade of personnel, equipment, raw materials, safety regulations and environment, etc. Besides, we will conduct the on-site inspection and review in the factory each season in order to reduce the risk of occupational disaster occurrence.

E.Prevent the occurrence of occupational disasters

Each month, the Company conducts the audit of the operators and outsourcing suppliers on a regular basis. The audit is conducted on the pollutions (water, noise, etc.), which might be caused by the environment; besides, the Company goes on with the monthly audit and prevention of hazards, which might occur in the production and manufacturing environment. For example, when the personnel operates the dangerous machines, he/she should wear the work helmet and safety shoes, etc.; the Company conducts the fire escape drill once half a year and a variety of propaganda courses on emergency aid knowledge, such as operation of AED, CPR, etc.

F.Continue to Prevent the occurrence of occupational disasters

The Company takes the remedial and preventive measures against the defects and reviews each proposed improvement program for each event inside the Company.

2.Protection measures of working environment

A.Set up the annual goal to conduct the safety and health audit.

The Company establishes the safety and health management representative to support the safety and health audit activities in the factory and convene on a regular basis the meetings to review the contents of defects on the safety & health audit. By way of the P.D.C.A. system management model, the Company keeps improving and maintaining its internal safety and health.

B.Implement access control

In order to protect the employees’ workplace safety, the Company asks the employees to wear the employee identification card with them all the time for being identified. In the entry and exit of each floor, the access control card system is installed for the entry and exit control subject to the authority of the personnel classification. As for the customers, dealers and other visitors, the information of the visiting time, number of persons, etc. would be recorded in details and regulations would be stipulated on their area and time of activity. The security guards of Speed Tech Corp. are on duty in turns for 24 hours, in charge of performing the safety control procedure of personnel and articles at entry and exit, the security inspection in the daytime and nighttime outside and inside the factory, and having control of the activities of those visitors who have not left, with a view to building up a working environment which can make the employees feel rest assured.

C.Environment monitoring

ROHS became effective on July 1, 2006. Products sold to the EU must not contain six hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. The company actively promotes green production and procurement, realizes in the process, and has cooperated with major customers to propose products that meet the non-hazardous substances and win customer praises.

Each year, the Company draws up the sampling plan of the company’s operation environment monitoring, in collaboration with the professional safety and health institution to conduct the analysis and planning before sampling; the Company formulates the rigorous chemical and physical sampling planning and undertakes the optimal sampling of hazardous factors once half a year on the basis of the planning in order to understand the exposure of the operational labor to the environment and then carry out the improvement program for reducing the potential hazardous risks during the labor’s operation. At each season, the Company designates the external manufacturer to conduct sampling and random check on the water dispensers in the factory and the replacement of filter or machine is made for the water dispensers which fail to meet the criteria. On a regular basis, the Company conducts the environment monitoring on the noise and radiation in the factor, etc., caused by the production needs therein and the detection information will be preserved in accordance with the management procedure.

D.Establish the automatic check management procedure and mechanical equipment management procedure

The Company seasonally or irregularly conducts the periodical check, key check, works completion check as well as the daily hazard identification training in compliance with the statutory criteria and international regulations in order to maintain the safety of each set of equipment inside the Company; besides, pursuant to the mechanism of circulating report, the Company reviews the near miss events in order to prevent the occurrence of the potential hazards.

E.Recycling and Waste Reduction Program

The company actively utilizes resources in an efficient and effective way to reduce waste and reduce production costs. In addition to improving process and operation management to reduce the generation of waste under the foot, on the other hand, it develops and selects non-polluting and low-pollution processes to reduce waste. The metal scrap generated during the production process is calculated and recovered through an effective management process, and the recovered scrap metal is sold to the waste recycler, thereby reducing waste of resources.

F.Employee Health and Workplace Safety

The Company provides the employees with the free and regular full body health check and in cooperation with the hospitals asks the specialist physician to render the in-factory service on a regular basis. The nurses in the factory periodically undertake “Four Major Plans of Labor Health Protection” according to the statutory regulations for the purpose of monitoring the employees’ physical, mental and spiritual health and offering the medical consultation; to cope with the COVID-19, the anti-pandemic team was established in 2021, which stipulates the emergency response measures and the anti-pandemic emergency reporting mechanism; at the entry and exit, the Company provides the alcohol for disinfection, while in the public area, the disinfection frequency (at least four times a week) is adjusted in conformity with the governmental authority’s policy; each month, the Company publicizes the anti-pandemic ideas or related medical knowledge in order to maintain the employee’s workplace safety.

3.Execution Status

A.Safety and Health Educational Training and Propaganda

B.Industrial Safety Performance – Statistics of Employee Disability and Injury

  1. Three Significant Items of Environment Safety in the Factory
  2. Statistics of Violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Related Acts

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