Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

I.Member of RBA Responsible Business Alliance

SpeedTech has been a full member of RBA since 2021. Xuande fulfills the social responsibilities of corporate citizens with RBA’s goal, vision and specifications, and works with RBA alliance members to maintain the sustainable development of the electronics industry. There are 5 major aspects of RBA norms: A labor, B health and safety, C environment, D ethics, E management system, Xuande is committed to safeguarding labor human rights, health and other rights, and abides by integrity management, protecting the environment and sustainability, and implementing careers Work safely and establish an efficient and communicative management system.

II.Human Rights Policy

Shentech formulates the Human Rights Management Procedure in accordance with the core spirit and local regulations of international norms/standards such as the RBA Code of Conduct, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the United Nations Business Human Rights Code (OHCHR).

    • Scope of application: all employees, job seekers, suppliers, etc.
    • Policy content
  1. Business ethics: integrity, morality, integrity management, confidentiality and no retaliation for whistleblowers.
  2. Labor contracts and wages and benefits: Contracts and wages and benefits with workers are in accordance with relevant local laws and regulations.
  3. Non-discrimination/non-harassment: Gender equality, regardless of race, social class, national origin, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, marital status, pregnancy is in line with fair consistency, and does not allow discrimination or harassment in recruitment and actual work.
  4. Freedom of Association/Choice of Employment: Workers may freely form and choose their jobs and not recruit by force, threat, kidnapping, intimidation or fraud to receive involuntary/trafficked persons.
  5. Humane treatment: Do not treat employees in the form of bullying, violence, abuse, corporal punishment, and establish channels for employee complaints/opinions.
  6. Prohibition of Child Labor: Support the employment of workers in compliance with local regulations and do not allow any practice that may employ child labor.
  7. No overtime work: Overtime work by workers is voluntary and must not exceed local laws and regulations, and regularly review and control to promote supervisors and colleagues.
  8. Supporting vulnerable groups: Support and employ people with disabilities to find employment and guarantee job opportunities.

III.Human Rights management

In order to ensure equal employment opportunities, the company does not discriminate against job seekers or employees on the grounds of race, class, language, ideology, religion, party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical or mental disability or previous trade union membership.

Job seekers, suppliers, and employees who have unreasonable human rights such as discrimination, harassment, and violence can report them anonymously or anonymously through the following complaint channels. Xuande promised whistleblower confidentiality and protection, and to refrain from retaliation.


Appeal/Whistleblower Window:Joe.Hsu

Contact number:03-2120088

Staff can also provide advice through the physical mailbox in the 1F mailbox area.

Statistics of complaints/whistleblowers in the past three years:


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