ESG Sustainability

ESG Sustainability

ESG Sustainability Report


“Connect The Future With Technology”

Professional Governance
Continue to improve the corporate governance structure, improve the level of corporate governance, abide by the requirements of business ethics, and communicate with all stakeholders Establish a relationship of trust, improve the company's long-term value, and pursue sustainable development and business models.
Green Low Carbon
Implement the national green development strategy, promote green and low-carbon transformation, reduce waste and increase efficiency, promote green products and services,Help achieve the scientific carbon target, seize the opportunity of clean technology, and promote the green and low-carbon development of the whole industry and society.
Harmonious Health
Create a harmonious workplace, respect the human rights of all employees in each operating location, establish smooth communication channels, continue to improve the democratic management system, provide employees with diversified development paths and a sound occupational health management system, and create a harmonious, democratic and safe workplace. comfortable working environment.
Responsible Sourcing
Maintain a benign relationship with suppliers of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and common development, and establish a sound supply chain social responsibility management system, create a green and responsible value chain, and jointly build a sustainable future.




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