Intellectual property management

Intellectual property management

Intellectual Property Management Plan

The company's intellectual property rights mainly include: patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, and proprietary technologies, etc., which are stipulated by laws and regulations. The property rights department formulates relevant management measures for the acquisition, maintenance and risk management of intellectual property rights, and establishes the company's intellectual property management system to enhance the company's independent innovation capabilities.

1. Patent Management

In order to make full use of the characteristics and functions of patents and patent application procedures in research and development, testing, and business activities, enhance the company's market competitiveness and core competitiveness, and strive for the best economic and social benefits, formulate "patent management procedures", plan The application of the patent system includes the formulation and implementation of patent strategies before making decisions on major interests such as investment, research and development, and business sales.

When implementing patent protection and market surveillance, the intellectual property department immediately grasps the status of patent applications and authorizations in the industry, and immediately initiates corresponding legal procedures for other people's patents and patent applications that are detrimental to the rights and interests of the company; Responses.

2.Trade Secret Management

Business secrets refer to the company's proprietary (not known to the public), which can bring economic benefits to the company, practical technical information and business information. In order to properly manage and protect the company's business secrets, the company has formulated "Intellectual Property Rights Confidentiality Control Procedure" and "Business Secret Management Procedure" to standardize the security management of business secrets:

(1)Confidential staff:
Including confidential position management, confidential employee employment management, confidentiality awareness education and training, employee behavior management, resignation management and competition restrictions.
(2)Secret equipment:
Secret documents in the core business are prohibited from being copied or downloaded through the management system.
(3)Classified information:
The company's business secrets are divided into core business secrets and general business secrets according to the degree of importance, and employees are restricted from viewing/contacting by authority.
(4) Secret area:
Secret-related areas are managed by dedicated departments and personnel, and the entry of irrelevant personnel is strictly controlled. External personnel entering secret-related areas due to work needs to be approved by the dedicated department.

Intellectual Property Risks And Countermeasures

In order to protect the rights and interests of intellectual property rights and avoid or reduce the risk of infringing others' intellectual property rights, the company follows the "Risk Management and Control Procedures for Intellectual Property Rights", and the intellectual property rights department and various departments strictly implement:

1、 Purchase genuine software and production and office equipment.

2、 Regularly and irregularly monitor the use of intellectual property rights of products.

3、Information security management and control.

In the event of a lawsuit involving infringement of intellectual property rights, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the company's "Intellectual Property Rights Dispute Handling Control Procedure", and if necessary, seek the assistance of a professional legal firm.

Execution Situation

[1]. On November 14, 2011, the company's board of directors reported on the implementation of intellectual property related matters this year:
1、Introduce a patent management system to improve the company's patent management efficiency.
2、 All employees must complete the education and training on confidential information, and conduct confidential information assessments every quarter.
3、 Provide a set of online patent courses from zero basics to advanced patent courses for company employees to learn the required patent knowledge.
4、Publish monthly legal reports to enhance the law-abiding awareness of colleagues throughout the company.
5、On April 1, 2011, a new version of the intellectual wealth reward method was implemented.
6、From time to time, learn about the use of the company's registered trademark by others in various countries, and raise objections to similar companies.
[2]. As of the end of 111, the list of acquired intellectual property is as follows:

1、Patents: Holds a total of global patent applications or valid patents

2、Trademarks: the total number of trademarks in application or in effect worldwide

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