Human Resources

Human Resources

The Company is committed to establishing a harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust between labor and capital in operation and management, and creates a challenging and comfortable working environment with an active and open management model. In order to create an open communication environment, the Company has set up many different communication channels. In addition to the fixed monthly departmental meetings, employee suggestion boxes and internal website, the Company also pays attention to the rights and interests of employees and expresses its concern for employees through the convening of labor-management coordination meetings, to strengthen the communication of ideas and the establishment of consensus. In addition, the Company also attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of employees. There are medical room, an audio-visual entertainment center, a billiard room, and employee stress-relieving massage activities, etc., so that employees can exercise after work to relieve work stress. Regarding to the improvement of the working environment as well as the enhancement of employee health and insurance services, no effort has been spared.

Employee Code of Conduct or Ethics

The Company has compiled an employee handbook as a basis for employees’ normal work and behavior. The relevant employees in the Company’s work rules should abide by the code of ethics and conduct as follows:

  1. Professional ethics: Both the employer and the employee of the Company should be committed to the establishment of corporate ethics and professional ethics, and each other’s assumptions to maintain a good labor-employment relationship.
  2. Care for the honor of the Company, play a team spirit, and work hard to perform tasks with loyalty.
  3. The laborers should be loyal, diligent and abide by all the Company’s regulations.
  4. Obey the command and supervision of supervisors at all levels, and must not comply in public but oppose in private or pass the buck. Supervisors at all levels should kindly induce and instruct the laborers, and demand attention to the safety of working.
  5. The laborers should work diligently, cherish public property, reduce wastage, improve work quality, and increase work efficiency.
  6. Absolutely keep the confidentiality of the Company’s business or own position.
  7. The Company’s employees shall handle their duties and official affairs in an orderly manner, and shall not overstep reporting, except in emergency or special circumstances.
  8. In case of major negligence in the competent and responsible units at all levels, the direct supervisor shall be punished jointly and severally according to the circumstances; major merits shall be jointly and severally rewarded.
  9. There shall be no arrogance and greed to accept entertainment, gifts, commissions, other illegal benefits, or other behaviors that can damage the reputation of the individual and the Company.
  10. Except for handling the Company’s related business, it is not allowed to use the Company’s name without authorization.
  11. Without the written consent of the Company, the laborers shall not operate the same or similar business as the Company for themselves or a third party, nor shall they be the unlimited liability shareholders, executive shareholders, directors or managers of similar business companies non-anonymous and anonymous partners.
  12. Without approval, the laborers are not allowed to leave the factory with public property.
  13. Labor-management meeting: The Company coordinates labor-management relations, enhances mutual understanding, promotes labor-management cooperation, and improves work efficiency. Regular meetings are held according to the “Implementation Measures of Labor-management meeting” to communicate opinions with each other, and both parties should follow the principle of harmony and integrity to solve problems through negotiation.
  14. Labor grievance handling system: The Company has formulated an “employee grievance system”; set up a suggestion box, and provided a channel for labor grievances and opinions to be expressed, so as to strengthen the labor-employer cooperation relationship by taking suggestions from employees.
  15. Sexual harassment prevention: In order to prevent workplace safety and sexual harassment, and maintain gender equality in work and personality dignity, “Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures, Complaints and Punishment Measures” have been formulated.

The Company has a harmonious labor-management relationship. In addition to holding regular labor-management meetings, it also communicates with employees through e-mail to maintain a good relationship between labor and management.

We are constantly looking for outstanding talents and invite you to jointly pursue the ideal of sustainable management!


speedtech021 We are constantly looking for outstanding talents and invite you to jointly pursue the ideal of sustainable management!

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