Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

(1)RBA Responsible Business Alliance Member

SpeedTech has joined RBA as a full member since 2021. SpeedTech fulfills its social responsibility as a corporate citizen with RBA goals, vision and norms, and maintains the sustainable development of the electronics industry together with RBA members.

There are 5 facets in the RBA specification:
A Labor, B Health and Safety, C Environment, D Ethics, E Management System, SpeedTech is committed to safeguarding labor rights, health and other rights and interests, and abides by integrity management, environmental protection and sustainability, the implementation of occupational safety workplace and the establishment of Efficient and communicative management system.

(2)Human Rights Policy

SpeedTech Technology complies with the RBA Code of Conduct, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDCHR) and other international norms/standard core spirits and local regulations, and implements regular internal and external audits in accordance with the RBA audit procedures.

In response to human rights issues, the company has formulated the “Human Rights Management Procedures”. Rights such as gender equality, the right to work and non-discrimination.

In order to fulfill the responsibility of protecting human rights, the company has formulated relevant management policies and procedures, including:
1.Propose a corporate human rights policy or statement.
2.Assess the impact of the company’s operating activities and internal management on human rights, and formulate corresponding procedures.
3.Regularly review the effectiveness of corporate human rights policies or statements.
4.When human rights violations are involved, the procedures for handling the interested parties should be disclosed.
The company abides by internationally recognized labor human rights, such as freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, caring for vulnerable groups, prohibition of child labor, elimination of various forms of forced labor, elimination of discrimination in employment and employment, etc., and confirms that the human resources utilization policy has no gender, race, social Discriminatory treatment based on class, age, marital and family status, etc., to implement equality and fairness in employment, employment conditions, salary, benefits, training, evaluation and promotion opportunities. For situations that endanger labor rights and interests, the company provides an effective and appropriate appeal mechanism to ensure equality and transparency in the appeal process. The grievance channels should be concise, convenient and unimpeded, and appropriate responses should be given to employees’ grievances.
5.The company provides employee information to enable employees to understand the labor laws of the country where they operate and their rights.
6.The company provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment, including providing necessary health and first aid facilities, and is committed to reducing the hazards to employees’ safety and health to prevent occupational disasters. The company regularly implements safety and health education and training for employees.
7.The company creates a good environment for the career development of employees, and establishes an effective career development training program. The company formulates and implements reasonable employee welfare measures (including salaries, vacations and other benefits, etc.), and appropriately reflects operating performance or results in employee compensation to ensure the recruitment, retention and encouragement of human resources and achieve the goal of sustainable operation .
8.The company has established a channel for regular communication and dialogue among employees, so that employees have the right to obtain information and express their opinions on the company’s management activities and decisions. The company respects the right of employee representatives to negotiate working conditions, and provides employees with necessary information and hardware facilities to promote negotiation and cooperation between the company, employees and employee representatives. The company shall notify employees of operational changes that may have a significant impact on employees in a reasonable manner.
9.The company evaluates the impact of the company’s operations on the community, and appropriately employs manpower in the place where the company operates to enhance community recognition. Through equity investment, commercial activities, donations, corporate volunteer services or other public welfare professional services, the company invests resources in organizations that solve social or environmental problems through business models, or civic organizations and charitable organizations that participate in community development and community education and related activities of government agencies to promote community development.

(3)Management Principles

Policy Content:
Business ethics: Integrity, morality, clean operation, confidentiality of identity of whistleblowers and prohibition of retaliation.
Labor contracts and wages and benefits: Signing labor contracts with workers, wages and benefits are in compliance with relevant local laws and regulations.
Non-Discrimination/Non-Harassment: Gender equality, regardless of race, caste, nationality, religion, disability, sex, gender Orientation, marital status, and pregnancy are all in line with fairness and consistency, and discrimination or harassment in recruitment and actual work is not allowed.
Freedom of Association/Choice of Employment: Laborers are free to associate and choose employment, and are not recruited by force, threat, kidnapping, intimidation or fraud , receiving involuntary/trafficked persons.
Humane treatment: Do not treat employees with bullying, violence, abuse, corporal punishment, and establish employee grievances/comments pipeline.
No overtime work: Labor overtime is voluntary and complies with local laws and regulations. Control and publicize to all colleagues.
Supporting disadvantaged groups: Supporting and employing people with disabilities to ensure job opportunities.
(Scope of application: All Employees, Job Seekers and Suppliers, etc.)
1. Internal letter submission: Located in the suggestion box on the first floor of the company
2. Complaint hotline: The extension of the human resources supervisor
3. Complaint Mail:

(4)Human Rights Risk Mitigation Measures

Risk Category Mitigation Measures Remedy Target
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Establish a "Working Environment and Safety and Hygiene Promotion Team".
  • Combine internal and external audits to supervise the company's environmental safety and health and improve operations. The top managers of each factory set up an EHS organization and an occupational safety and health committee at the operating base, and the occupational safety and health personnel of each factory are responsible for the implementation of occupational safety. The health management system shall be implemented by each unit.
  • During the education and training of new recruits, in addition to advocating that employees have due obligations in terms of safety and health, the importance of self-protection for employees is also emphasized.
  • Carry out monitoring of the working environment for "Specially Hazardous Operations to Health".
  • Provide special physical examinations for employees with "special health-hazardous operations".
  • Nurses and first-aid personnel are set up in each factory area to provide necessary first-aid measures immediately when an emergency occurs.
  • Relevant fire drills are held every six months to enable employees to enhance the necessary concept of disaster prevention. Occupational safety personnel inspect fire prevention measures from time to time to improve fire safety.
  • Annual SGS drinking water quality test, CO2 concentration test for operating environment test.
  • Perform regular health checks for current employees.
  • Maternal care: Questionnaire survey on the working environment of pregnant employees and the setting of breastfeeding rooms.
  • Revise and emphasize the "Administrative Measures on Attendance" and establish a punishment mechanism for violations. For those who arrange breastfeeding female workers to work overtime and night shifts, their management personnel will be held accountable for the violation of the schedule, and the attendance of lactating employees will be tracked regularly. night shift work. Emphasize this matter in annual internal training and incorporate it into annual internal audits.
  • In the event of an occupational injury case, hardware protection equipment will be added in the engineering control part, and personnel safety and health promotion will be strengthened in the management control part.
  • In case of accidents such as work-related injuries, car accidents, and serious diseases, the company will provide relevant assistance, such as applying for group insurance, hospitalization subsidies, etc. Taiwan also has relevant measures to provide employees with emergency relief funds ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 yuan.
  • Strengthen the advocacy and standardization of on-site employees wearing protective equipment, and implement the on-site management cadres' inspection of employees wearing protective equipment.
  • Implement safety work observations, unit supervisors supervise employees to operate in accordance with work safety standard procedures to reduce the risk of injury.
  • DL human hazards: Abnormal workload (working hours): Comply with laws and regulations, combine medical examination reports, coordinate work scheduling with supervisors, and adjust employees.
  • Labor insurance occupational accident medical benefit, labor insurance occupational accident injury benefit, labor insurance disability benefit.
  • According to the safety and health work rules, formulate standard operating procedures, strictly implement automatic inspections before, during and after operations, and annual regular inspections.
  • It is mandatory for breastfeeding employees not to work overtime and night shifts. According to the list of female workers in the third period of the factory (pregnancy, maternity leave, and breastfeeding period), the managers of the departments where breastfeeding female workers work are reminded every month not to arrange overtime and night shifts.
  • Completion rate of cross-factory RBA cross-audit is 100%.
  • 100% RBA labor/ethics training completion rate.
  • 100% implementation rate of occupational safety and health courses.
  • 100% coverage rate of labor operation environment monitoring.
Forced Labor
  • Plan the regular salary review process, which is better than the local minimum wage to ensure the retention of excellent talents. At the same time, the salaries of colleagues are guaranteed to be above the market level.
  • Adjust shifts according to the law to avoid problems such as excessive overtime hours or too short rest time, which will affect the physical and mental health of employees
  • All workers are not charged deposits, security deposits (things) or mortgages (things), and follow the zero-fee policy
Targeting Child Labor Risks:
1. Before the interview, screen resumes under the age of 16.
2. During the interview, identify the ID card of the personnel.
3. The youth labor and prohibition of child labor management procedures have been established, and the company strictly abides by and implements relevant national and local laws and regulations in this regard.
  • Refund agency service fees, medical examination fees, etc... related expenses for foreign workers.
  • 100% child labor free.
Labor Conditions Guarantee
  • Employee health check-up activities are regularly held every year, follow-up and corresponding follow-up and counseling measures are carried out for different levels of health check-up status, and physicians are arranged to provide direct consultation for employees
  • Promote various health promotion activities, lectures, etc.
  • Establish risk assessment procedures to identify all labor, moral and environmental safety risks and implement appropriate controls
  • Establish employee communication procedures and channels, keep abreast of employee problems and improve and correct them
  • Establish RBA management system to ensure continuous improvement
  • Protect employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • If the rest time is too close, the necessary rest time or compensatory leave will be given afterwards, and then return to work
  • Provide annual health checks that are superior to laws and regulations, use regular health checks for employees and biological monitoring methods in blood and urine, early detection, early treatment, and improve health hazards in the workplace
  • Regularly conduct employee interviews to solve employees' work and life problems
  • Adequate and effective policies and systems/procedures in place for determining, communicating, recording, managing and controlling working hours (including overtime hours), including reliable and detailed records of workers' regular and overtime hours.
  • Make a good monthly production plan to avoid manpower shortage, ensure normal production, reduce overtime or line stoppage, and stabilize income
  • The monthly staff retention rate is over 90%
Guarantee of the right to work/labor autonomy
  • SpeedTech strictly abides by the provisions of various labor laws and regulations, and completes the notification procedure for changes in various labor service conditions in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  • Guarantee the basic rights of employees, strictly implement the non-discrimination policy and provide information regardless of race, gender, religion, skin color, nationality, age, political party orientation, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, physical and mental disabilities, and social background according to the employment management method. Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • If there is a major change in the labor-employment relationship, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, an appropriate notice period and severance payment will be given, and relevant certification documents will be given according to the law.
Employee complaint channel:
Or staff suggestion box on the first floor.
  • SpeedTech Group's learning and development system is based on the organization's strategy, vision and values. Through a comprehensive course plan, it provides comprehensive on-the-job education opportunities and builds a 15-module learning blueprint centered on new recruits, majors, and management. , with the i-school online learning platform, self-development with goals, through the positive training cycle mode, to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • If an employee is incompetent, formulate a counseling plan to provide counseling or assist in transfer to a competent unit or related company. If the cooperative relationship between the company and the employee is still not satisfied, we will assist them to apply for relevant unemployment benefits or vocational training subsidies , to ensure that employees' work rights are not affected.
  • 100% labor contract signing
  • 100% training rate for all staff
  • Establish the "Privacy Protection Policy", which covers employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders, and formulate the "Information Security Policy" to manage and protect the security and privacy of information assets
  • Set up an information security organization to promote information security and personal data protection across departments and functions
  • Xuande Technology aims to comply with local information security and personal information regulations
  • Strengthen employees' awareness of privacy protection, reduce the probability of privacy leakage incidents, and arrange information security courses every year to strengthen employees' awareness of information security
  • Regularly conduct internal information security audits to confirm the implementation of information security management practices, and take improvement measures based on the audit results to continuously implement LITE-ON's information security management system
  • Establish an information security monitoring system, plan and execute data leakage simulation drills, and perform vulnerability scanning to prevent external hackers from invading and internal secrets from leaking.
  • Perform internal and external audits on a regular basis
To avoid privacy leaks, build various information security event management procedures to achieve 100%.
1. Event forensic investigation procedure.
2. Information security incident notification and emergency management procedures.
3. Office information operation security management procedures.
100% Information Security Introduction.

(5)Implementation Results

  1. Emphasize women’s employment rights and advocate employment equality.
  2. Enhance local employment opportunities and reduce the proportion of foreign employment.
  3. Take care of vulnerable groups and provide guaranteed places.
Month♂ Male♀ FemaleDomicileForeignersTotalMale to Female RatioNative/Foreigner Ratio

Number of People

with Disabilities

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