Quality Policy

1、Research & development
2、Quality first
3、Customer satisfaction

Environment & HSF Policy

1、Abide law
2、Pollution prevention
3、Green production
4、Continuous improvement

Safety & Health Policy

1、Demand to abide law
2、Execute self inspection
3、Implement education training
4、Safety & health audit
5、Prevent occupation accident
6、Continuous improvement

Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free

We would like to confirm Minerals used in Products sold to customers are “DRC Conflict-Free”. Detailed and careful investigation will also apply to the supply chain of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), tin (Sn)  which is from the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) conflict area of mining or obtained through illegal smuggling channels, and continued to monitor the supply chain to improve and enhance the company’s social image and value, make a socially, environmentally responsible companies continue to protect the entire supply chain of human rights, labor conditions and environmental responsibility.

ISO Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
ISO 13485 Medical Equipment Management System QC 080000 HS Process Management
IATF 16949 International Automotive Task Force Management System


ISO 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories