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Thunderbolt 3 STATION

Product Description

Product Description Thunderbolt 3 STATION


Equipment Introduction

Equipment Introduction USB-C GEN.2 DOCK

Equipment Function Specification
Airtight Detector

a.Air Pemmeability Testing

b.Waterproof Testing

a. W*H*D in mm:225*320*575

b. Pressurerange:0.01~0.7+2%(MPa)

Burn-in oven
Testthe reliability ofelectronic components by performing the equipment ata constant temperature.

a. W*H*D in mm:1600* 1800*800

b. Temperaturerange:30℃~60℃

UV Glue Dispenser&Curing
Controlthe dropping rate and accuratelycoatthe glue on the surface oftheproducts and curingl

a. W*H*D in mm : 485*500*600

b. Working Area(X*Y*Z)in mm:200*200*50

c. Repeatability: XYZ axis(mm) : ± 0.01mm/axis

Clean Table
Reducethe dustat the workstationl

a. W*H*D in mm:1300*750*1920

b. Working Area(W*H*D)in mm:1200*700*800

c. Classification of aircleanliness:Class 1000


Communications Manufacturing Testset

A4G LTE signaltestertocalibratel and verify mobile phones

a. W*H*D in mm:354*112*389

b. Suitable forall kinds ofwireless devices (5G NR sub-6GHz,LTE,WLAN,and Bluetooth)

c. Able to testwith non-signaling test mode

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