Speedtech Introduce

Speedtech Introduce

Speedtech Introduce

Speedtech Introduce

Speedtech was established in 1990. It is a leading manufacturer of electronic connectors focusing on innovative design, R&D and manufacturing. It emphasizes market immediacy and cost-effective communications and computers. , automotive and consumer electronics industries, providing customers with more complete services for one-time purchase, Speedtech has won praise from customers around the world.

Established in October 1990

OTC information:OTC in 2000 (OTC:Over-The-Counter Security Exchange of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Committee)

1. The business of the company
The company is positioned as an “integrated solution provider providing precision parts and technical services”. At present, in addition to various electronic connectors, the main product items are SMT and FATP production lines. It can not only provide precision connectors, but also provide Customer OEM assembly. Major industrial applications include consumer electronics, network communications, Internet of Things, servers, medical care, and automobiles.
2. Product Introduction
In addition to the company’s commitment to the precision of electronic connectors, the development of new products focuses on high-frequency and high-speed, light, thin and short, electromechanical integration, and embedded and injected connector-related products. In addition, we use the most advanced equipment in the industry to provide customized SMT services for the group and customers with stable and high-quality fully automatic production lines. It also continues to vertically integrate and effectively utilize group resources, strengthen the division of labor among various organizations within the group, and develop acoustics-related products. (Click on the product introduction for each product)
Consumer Electronics
Enterprise Products
Automotive Products
FATP Products
Netcom Product Series
Three, business philosophy
Xuande Technology is positioned as a “total solution provider providing precision parts and technical services”, mainly researching and developing, producing and selling notebook computers and computer peripheral components, tablets, smart phones, consumer electronics, panels, automotive equipment, Connectors such as network communication and server, etc., have complete product series and specifications, and based on this technology, expand investment to establish SMT/FATP production lines, not only to provide precision connectors, but also OEM assembly for customers, the main customers For industries such as consumer electronics, network communications, Internet of Things, servers, medical care, and automobiles, the market covers Taiwan, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe.
Fourth, corporate culture


Be courageous, down-to-earth, honest and trustworthy, and match words with deeds.


Bold vision, not stubborn, not old-fashioned, to complete the work as a delicate work of art.


Work together and work together to accomplish the impossible.


Persevere in your dreams, be unyielding and unrelenting, strive to realize your ideals regardless of yourself, never be discouraged, and never underestimate yourself.

Open Up

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, not afraid of failure, bravely try and create, and take pride in creating value.


At any time, respect the opinions of each member and trust the organization.













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