Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Organizational structure

Main business operations

Department Name
All business

Audit department

Responsible for the review, review and audit of the internal control system.

General Manager’s Office

1. General Manager’s Office: formulate the company’s business policy and improve business management performance.

2. Information room: responsible for the maintenance of the company’s software and hardware, network management, and information integration.

3. Intellectual Property Office: various patent applications and collection of patent information in various countries.

4. Quality System Department: Implement the company’s quality policy and implement it into daily operations, establishment and maintenance of the quality system.

Interface Products Business Group

Responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and business of key products.

System Assembly Business Group

Responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and business of system assembly products.

System Assembly Business Group

1. Responsible for the manufacture of connector products.

2. Connector product automation machine design and assembly.

3. Manufacture and processing of machine parts.

4. Connector product testing and verification.

5. Connector product quality control and customer complaint handling.

Product Development Office

Responsible for product development and management of connectors and related components.

Marketing Business Office

1. Market development.

2. External product quotation, correspondence and customer reception and other business processing.

3. The operation of order acceptance, modification and payment.

4. Cooperate with various departments to ensure the delivery time. If the delivery cannot be made on time, it should be negotiated with the customer.

5. Arrangement of customer information and customer service.

Administration Office

1. Finance Department: Responsible for capital scheduling and foreign exchange management, stock affairs and accounting processing and budget planning and control of overseas factories.

2. Accounting Department: Review the original documents, manage the company’s accounting settlement, tax declaration and budget planning and control.

3. Human resources class: responsible for human resource planning, welfare promotion planning and implementation.

4. Safety and Environmental Affairs Division: Responsible for the maintenance of the company’s environmental protection, fire protection and labor safety and health, as well as administrative general affairs and general affairs.

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