Labour Relations

Labour Relations

The various aspects of employee benefits measures, training, training, retirement system and its implementation, as well as the agreement between employers and employees and the rights and interests of the staff maintenance measures

The Company is committed to building a harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust in the management and management, and a positive and open management model, to create a challenging and comfortable working environment. In order to create an open communication environment, many different communication channels have been set up within the company. Apart from the fixed department meetings, staff opinion boxes and internal websites, the company also attaches importance to the interests of employees and expresses the care of employees through the convening of labor coordination meetings. , To strengthen the concept of communication and consensus to establish. In addition, the company also attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of staff, with a health care room, audio-visual activities, entertainment, snooker room and staff to help massage activities, so that employees can work in the rest of the work to ease the work pressure, As well as the improvement of employee health and insurance services.

1, employee welfare measures

In addition to the Lloyd Law and related laws and regulations, the Company has provided measures such as group insurance and employee health check. In addition, the staff welfare committee is set up to provide staff training for the staff welfare, divorce, mourning, hospitalization and childbirth , Birthday, community subsidies, etc., also regularly for staff domestic and foreign tourism activities and other welfare activities.

2, staff training and training situation

The Company provides an open and diverse learning environment for its staff. Through its internal / external training, supervisors and peers, the peer can challenge the growth limit of the self. At the same time, the training system of the new staff / professional functions will enable the employees to obtain the largest Satisfy. On the other hand, through the grade / grade planning, job rotation, project assignment, so that colleagues and career combined with each other, enjoy the joy of knowing the growth and create a better future.

The Company has set up the “Education and Training Management Procedures” to conduct annual education and training programs at the end of each year and plan relevant training courses according to the functions and professional requirements so as to enhance the staff’s ability to enhance the overall quality of the staff and enhance the business performance. The annual education and training program carries out the following related training courses:

(1) new staff pre-service training: including corporate organization, operating system, cultural value, quality management, system operation, work instructions, professional knowledge training and heritage.

(2) professional training:

A. Inertial section: by senior colleagues or department heads on the various departments need the expertise required to teach courses to the relevant colleagues.

B. External training: delivery of professional training institutions training, learn from external expertise and skills.

(3) The Company’s training and education and training statistics for the year 104 are as follows:

Course category

Total training
The number of classes

Total training times

Total training hours

New training




Financial Accounting




Information management category




Labor safety category




Administrative category




Marketing business




Manufacturing category




ISO Management category




Quality assurance engineering category




R & D projects









3, accounting personnel and auditors to obtain the relevant authorities to specify the relevant circumstances of the license: no, because not involved in the license test.

4, the retirement system and its implementation:

In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, the Company began to implement the labor retirement scheme in the year 75 and set up the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee to manage the retirement reserve and store it in the Bank of Taiwan.

Since July 1, 1994, for the implementation of the Labor Pension Ordinance, the Company will also provide a retired account for individuals who have 6% of the monthly retirement fee for individual employees.

5, employee behavior or ethical code

The Company has prepared a staff handbook as a basis for the normal work and behavior of employees. The Code of Conduct for employees in the Company’s working rules is as follows:

(1) professional ethics: the company both employers and employees should be committed to the establishment of corporate ethics and professional ethics, each other to imagine each other, to good job relations.

(2) love the company honor, play a team spirit, loyalty to the implementation of the task.

(3) The worker shall be diligent in his duties and shall comply with all the rules and regulations of the Company.

(4) obey the command and supervision of supervisors at all levels, and shall not have any act of injustice. Officers at all levels should be cordially induced and earnestly instructed by labor and require attention to work safety.

(5) labor should work seriously, care for public property, reduce wear and tear, improve work quality, increase work efficiency.

(6) the absolute preservation of the company’s business or job on the confidential.

(7) The labor of the Company for the handling of duties and services shall be repeated and shall not be reported in the following categories, except in case of emergency or special circumstances.

(8) Where there is a gross negligence in the power and responsibility units at all levels, the immediate supervisor shall be subject to joint punishment; the significant merit shall be subject to joint rewards.

(9) There shall be no exclusion of hospitality, gifts, rebates or other unlawful interests, or other acts which are sufficient to prejudice the personal and the honor of the Company.

(10) Except with the business of the Company, the Company shall not exercise the right to use the Company.

(11) The Laborer shall not operate the same or similar business for himself or a third person without the written consent of the Company and shall not perform the business shareholders, directors or managers of the same limited liability company, The apparent and implied partner.

(12) workers without approval, not allowed to carry public goods factory.

(13) Labor meeting: The Company coordinates labor relations, promotes mutual understanding, promotes labor and capital cooperation, improves work efficiency, and organizes labor meetings according to the Measures for the Implementation of Labor Conventions. Regular meetings, mutual communication of views, both employers and employees should be the principle of harmony and integrity, consultation to solve the problem.

(14) Labor complaint handling system: The Company has a labor advice box and a “labor complaint handling system” to provide labor advice channels to enhance labor camps.

A. If an employee complains verbally, it should be handled by the departmental staff as a record.

B. If the employee is injured or has any other opinion, he may file a complaint in accordance with the administrative system of the applicant’s complaint directly or in accordance with the lawsuit of the Company. The supervisors of each unit shall immediately identify the processing or newspaper processing and The result or the handling of the case.

6, the working environment and staff personal safety protection measures

The Company in view of the working environment and the importance of personal safety protection measures. ISO 14001 management system to carry out major environmental considerations risk control, the use of objectives and program management to improve the priority; and lower risk is the use of operational control to be controlled by the good operation after the improvement, have achieved significant results and control Management, the company’s environmental and occupational safety and health promotion measures are as follows:

(1) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) and REACH Regulation

ROHS in July 1, 1995 came into effect, the products sold to the EU shall not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ether and other six harmful substances. The Company actively promote green production and procurement, to achieve in the process, and has been with the main customers to meet the products without harmful substances, access to customer recognition.

(2) resource recovery and waste reduction plan

The Company is actively using the resources to reduce the waste and reduce the production cost. In addition to improving the process and operation management to reduce the production of waste under the foot, on the other hand, the development and selection of pollution-free and low-pollution process to reduce the waste, the other The metal scrap produced in the production process is calculated and recovered by an effective management procedure. The recovered scrap metal is sold to the waste recycler to reduce the waste of resources.

(3) Occupational disaster prevention plan

In order to achieve the target of harm, the Company arranges the occupational disaster prevention course every year, preaches the knowledge of the disaster prevention of its colleagues, explores the lack of implementation through the audit system, and plans to review the improvement plan of the lack of environmental protection according to the annual plan. Through the PDCA means, year by year to reduce the risk of hazards, to achieve the ultimate goal of zero disaster.

(4) to implement automatic inspection

In the face of different operating environments, processes, operations and operations, employees may be physically harmed by factors such as unsafe practices, equipment or management. To this end, the Company is actively establishing standards for production operations and Reduce the probability of the war, the period can be driven by this measure, found that the potential hazard factors, and strive to improve and effective control.

(5) The Company’s major objectives and management plan are summarized as follows:





Status statement

Implementation of the situation


Fourth floor to improve the aisle ceiling moldy situation, to maintain the environment clean and tidy Prevent condensate generation Ice water tube insulation cotton damage, alternating hot and cold caused by condensate, so that the mold mold Re-apply ice water pipe insulation measures to prevent condensation generated


Installation of variable frequency equipment for air compressor equipment Reduce energy consumption by 20% The air pressure device is started for full load operation, and the frequency conversion device is operated to adjust The test frequency conversion equipment than the average electricity consumption of 21.23%


Fire extinguisher for performance check Replace the fire extinguisher powder Extinguishing media expired Fire extinguishers are regularly inspected to ensure proper use


Comply with the law and meet the requirements Hazardous substance exceeded customer return rate = 0% Monthly according to the implementation of the test 2014 pass rate of 100%


Improve customer satisfaction HSF customer satisfaction in the second half of the requirements of the assessment score of 4.2 points or more. On the second half of the year are in accordance with the implementation of satisfaction survey 2014 to achieve customer satisfaction goals


Minsheng water tower is limited space operations Professional cleaning manufacturers and limited operations related equipment and experience Limited space operations are hypoxic leakage and other hazards To prevent personnel from entering the limited space operation accident


7, the agreement between employers and employees and the rights and interests of the staff maintenance measures

The labor relations of the Company are harmonious, in addition to holding labor meetings on a regular basis, and by means of e-mail, with the staff for the exchange of views to maintain a good relationship between employers and employees.

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