About SpeedTech

Established in 1990, SpeedTech is an electronic connector manufacturer focusing on innovative design, R&D and manufacturing. It is a market leader in high-speed and high-frequency connectors and wiring harnesses. In recent years, it has expanded to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) packaging business and FATP (Final Assembly Test & Pack) finished product assembly, with "pragmatic, enterprising, open The tenet of "expansion, innovation, integration, and collaboration" promotes the company's sustainable development strategy and action plan, responds appropriately to all stakeholders, and regards colleagues as the cornerstone of the company. Create a friendly environment of respect, dignity, safety and equality, create value for investors and customers, and reconcile the expectations and requirements of environmental protection.

The company is positioned as an "integrated solution provider providing precision parts and technical services". At present, the main commodity items are not only various electronic connectors, but also the establishment of SMT and FATP production lines, which can not only Provide precision connectors, and can also assemble OEM for customers. Major industrial applications include consumer electronics, network communications, Internet of Things, servers, medical care, and automobiles.

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ESG Sustainability

While pursuing profit and growth, Corporate governance, social responsibility and giving back to Taiwan's land have always been our top priorities.

SpeedTech Technology's sustainable development plan will revolve around The vision of "connecting the future with technology", combined with the concerns of stakeholders, from the environment, society Starting from the three dimensions of corporate governance, build the group's sustainable development strategy system and formulate sustainable development goals.

We have never stopped pursuing the pace of corporate sustainability. While growing, we must uphold the company's Believe in honesty and integrity, make efforts in social responsibility and corporate governance, technology and innovation Continue to improve in order to achieve a sustainable environment and a sustainable enterprise

Industry Application

SpeedTech Technology has the advantages of manufacturing breakthrough technology, and can quickly adapt to the development trend of electronic products such as "high speed, micro, integration" and other technology industries. Possess the core technology and intellectual property rights of independent products, and focus on technological innovation in the industry. Flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different customers around the world and the pursuit of rapid innovation. Focus on the R&D, production and sales of cables, connectors, motors, wireless charging, FPC, antennas, acoustic and electronic modules and other products. Products are used in 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics), enterprise-level equipment, automobiles and other fields, and are committed to providing customers with one-stop procurement services.

Consumer Products

We offer a wide range of innovative connectivity solutions for IoT, wearables, smartphones, tablets and laptops to help you meet today's challenges and tomorrow's innovations.

Enterprise Products

Leveraging our extensive experience in the wireless infrastructure industry, we can provide solutions for access, transmission equipment including base stations, remote radio and wireless broadband systems.

Automotive Products

We insist on continuously creating value for customers with continuous technological innovation, focusing on industry technological innovation. Flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different customers around the world and the pursuit of rapid innovation.


Our Taiwan factory has set up SMT production lines to build and produce with high specifications to help meet your needs.

Docking Products

We use various testing machines and equipment to test each product in order to provide customers with the best quality products.

Broadband Product


Business Contacts

TEL: + 886-3-2120088 (Representative Number)


電話: + 886-3-2120088(代表號)



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