Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Organizational Structure

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Organization Chart

1. Organizational Structure

2. Business of Each Main Department

Department position

Audit Room

  • Responsible for the review, review and audit of the internal control system.
General Manager's Office
  • Establishthe company's business policy, major strategies, and set business goals.
Center for Occupational Safety and Health
  • SafetyOccupation of production and labor protectionHealth-related operation planning and management.
Financial Management Office
  • Financial units: fund allocation, banking transactions, foreign exchange management, stock affairs.
  • Accounting unit: account review and settlement, tax declaration, financial report preparation.
General Administration Office
  • Legal department: contract drafting and review, legal advice, mediation and litigation.
  • HumanCapitalunit: human resources planning, selection and retention, employee care.
  • Information unit: company software and hardware maintenance, network management, information system integration.
Business Office
  • Business target formulation, market development, product sales and after-sales service.
Department of Product Development
  • Responsible for connectors, system product assembly, and related component product development and design improvement.
Manufacturing Business Group
  • Production unit: Product production, assembly, packaging, testing and repair.
  • Engineering unit: equipment development and maintenance, process improvement.
  • Quality assurance unit: introduction and management of various system certifications, production and supplier quality management.
  • Material unit: purchase,biological management, delivery management, warehouse management.
  • General affairs unit: factory affairs, general affairs and general affairs related operations.
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