enterprise integrity management

enterprise integrity management

Enterprise Integrity Management

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Enterprise Integrity Management

(1) Integrity Management Professional Organizational Structure of the Professional Unit

The company designates the Integrity Management Team as a dedicated unit (hereinafter referred to as the company’s dedicated unit), which is affiliated to the board of directors, and handles the revision, implementation, interpretation, consulting services, notification content registration and filing of the operating procedures and behavior guidelines, and other related operations and supervision. , mainly in charge of the following matters, and report to the board of directors on a regular basis (at least once a year). The company’s board of directors fulfills the duty of care of a good manager, supervises the company to prevent dishonest behavior, and ensures the implementation of the honest management policy.

(2) Specific Practices and Precautions

The company implements the integrity management policy, and clearly stipulates specific practices and plans to prevent dishonest behavior:

A. Education and Training
The company’s dedicated unit plans training courses such as laws and regulations, inspections, risk management, and money laundering prevention on a quarterly basis, and learns the employee codes and codes of conduct that employees should do, and conducts publicity and education. In addition, the concept and implementation of the three lines of defense mechanism will be strengthened in the form of case studies in the course, so as to jointly manage and prevent dishonesty.
B. Legal Compliance
The company’s dedicated unit promotes the publicity and education of all colleagues, and through quarterly education and training to publicize matters that colleagues should pay attention to when performing business.
C. Annual Quiz
Conduct online quizzes for all colleagues every quarter. The scope of the quizzes covers the integrity management code, integrity management operating procedures and behavior guidelines, such as: integrity management of business activities, prohibition of dishonest behavior and damage to the interests of interested parties, and protection of the company’s intellectual property rights confidentiality obligations, etc.
D. Regular Inspection
Risk assessments of corruption-related incidents are carried out for the operating activities of all operating bases. Through self-inspection by business management units and self-assessment of compliance with laws and regulations, effective control and implementation are achieved, and independent audit by the audit unit to ensure the overall mechanism operation, jointly manage and prevent dishonesty. Established the “Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”, incorporated honest management into employee performance appraisal and human resource policies, and established a clear and effective disciplinary system.
E. Whistleblower System and Whistleblower Protection
The “Corporate Governance Code of Practice”, “Code of Integrity Management” and “Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Behavior Guidelines” have specific reporting systems to actively prevent dishonest behaviors and encourage internal and external personnel to report dishonesty or misconduct , designate the Human Resources Department as the unit responsible for accepting employee reports, and accept reports of dishonest behavior by colleagues. Directors or senior executives will report the report to independent directors, and establish a whistleblower protection system, keep the identity and content of the whistleblower confidential, and promise to protect the whistleblower from being improperly dealt with due to the whistleblower.
Whistleblowing System-Reporting and Complaint Email:
Human Resources Department – Mr.Hsu: Joe.Hsu@speedtech.com.tw

(3)Implementation in Recent Years

Execute Item2022
Education and training (themes include insider trading, business secrets, information security policy introduction, etc.)A total of 1,946 person-times
Total 3,653 hours
External reporting cases0 items
Employee reporting cases0 items
Supplier signing and evaluation73 (100%)
Corruption and anti-competition0 items
Execute Item2021
Education and training (themes include insider trading, business secrets, information security policy introduction, etc.)A total of 468 person-times totaled 1,300 hours
External reporting cases0 items
Employee reporting cases0 items
Supplier signing and evaluation32 (100%)
Corruption and anti-competition0 items

(4) Honest Notification

The company always adheres to the business principles and ethics of honesty, honesty and fair trade, and requires all employees to act in accordance with the principles of honesty, honesty and fair trade in all business dealings. In order to ensure that all employees abide by the company’s operating principles and code of ethics, we remind you to fully abide by the following:

  1. Understand the Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and strictly abide by all related standards, regulations, policies and procedures.
  2. Strictly offer (give) or accept (receive) gifts that violate the law or the policy of the other party’s company.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use the convenience of one’s position to seek benefits for oneself or specific related parties through inter-industry operations or related transactions.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use the company’s trade secrets, intellectual property rights, and business channels to engage in profit-making activities for yourself or others.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to solicit or accept any form of money, gifts, gift certificates, kickbacks, securities and other benefits in business activities.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to participate in banquets, travel and other high-consumption entertainment activities that may affect the fair performance of duties during business activities.
  7. If employees of Xuande Technology are found to have violated the above-mentioned behaviors, or if there are dishonest and improper situations in business activities, or suspicious violations, they should immediately fulfill the responsibility of reporting and reporting.
Tel for reporting: 03-2120088
Report email: joe.Hsu@speedtech.com.tw
The company will seriously investigate and deal with all violations; for the losses caused by the company, the responsible person will be prohibited from claiming; for violations of national laws, they will be transferred to the judiciary for disposal.

(5)2023 Annual Plan:

A. Supplier Commitment:
Suppliers sign 100% Integrity Pledge.
B. Education and training:
Over 4,000 hours of annual employee education and training.
C. Promise:
100% of the employees sign the letter of integrity commitment when they join the company.
D. Publicity:
New TV wall and monthly mailing to promote integrity and confidentiality.
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