Business integrity management

Business integrity management

1.Integrity management professional (part-time) unit organizational structure

The company designates the Human Resources Department as a dedicated unit (hereinafter referred to as the company’s dedicated unit), which is subordinate to the board of directors, and handles the revision, implementation, interpretation, consulting services, and notification content registration and filing of the operating procedures and behavior guidelines. Related operations and supervision of implementation , mainly responsible for the following matters, and report to the board of directors on a regular basis (at least once a year). The board of directors of the company fulfills the duty of care of a good manager, supervises the company to prevent dishonest behavior, and ensures the implementation of the integrity management policy.


The company implements the integrity management policy, and the relevant implementation in 2021:

1.Education and training

The company’s dedicated unit plans training courses on regulations, audits, risk management, money laundering prevention and other quarterly training courses, trains employees on employee codes of conduct and codes of conduct, and conducts publicity and education, with a total of more than 1,300 hours. In the course, case studies are used to strengthen the concept and implementation of the three lines of defense mechanism to jointly manage and prevent the occurrence of dishonest behaviors.

2.Legal compliance announcement

The company’s dedicated unit promotes publicity and education for all colleagues. Through quarterly education training and publicity, colleagues should pay attention to matters when performing business. In 2021, we will formulate supplier management procedures and publicize the company’s integrity policy. Suppliers return and sign Integrity commitment letter 32/32 (achievement rate 100%).

3.Annual Quiz

Conduct an online test for all colleagues every quarter. The test covers the integrity management code, integrity management operating procedures and behavior guidelines, such as: integrity management of business activities, prohibition of dishonest behavior and damage to the interests of stakeholders, confidentiality obligations to the company’s intellectual property rights, etc. .

4.Periodic inspection

Carry out risk assessment of corruption-related matters for the operation activities of all operating bases, through self-inspection by the business management unit and self-assessment of legal compliance, to achieve effective control and implementation, and independent audit by the audit unit to ensure the operation of the overall mechanism, Co-management and prevention of dishonest behavior. There is a “Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”, which incorporates honest management into employee performance appraisal and human resources policies, and establishes a clear and effective punishment system. There will be no corruption and anti-competitive behavior in 2021.

5.Whistleblower System and Whistleblower Protection

There are specific reporting systems in the “Code of Practice for Corporate Governance”, “Code of Honest Management” and “Guidelines for Operating Procedures and Behaviors of Honest Management” to actively prevent dishonest behaviors, encourage internal and external personnel to report dishonest behaviors or misconduct, and assign persons The Ministry of Finance is the special unit for employees to report and accept reports from colleagues who are involved in dishonest behavior. The Stakeholders section of the official website provides effective communication methods and windows for employees, shareholders, stakeholders and outsiders; if the report involves directors or senior executives Supervisor, report Chen to the independent director, and establish a whistleblower protection system, keep the identity and content of the whistleblower confidential, and promise to protect the whistleblower from being improperly dealt with because of the whistleblower. In 2021, a total of 0 external whistleblower cases and 0 employee direct whistleblower cases were accepted, and there was no dishonest behavior involved.

3.The implementation plan for integrity management in 2022 is as follows:

Supplier Commitment

1. Continue to publicize the company’s integrity policy.

2. The supplier signs the letter of integrity commitment 100%

Education Training

More than 1500 hours of annual training for all staff.


100% of employees sign the Employee Integrity Commitment upon entry.


1. Promote integrity and confidentiality responsibility to employees through the video wall.

2. Whistleblowing System – Reporting and Complaint Email: Mr. Hsu from the Human Resources Department

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