Date Content
 106/09/02  Recently, the Company’s securities market reached the standard of paying attention to the transaction information, so announcement related information to facilitate investors to understand the difference
 106/09/01 Media reports clarified
 106/08/07 The new endorsed guarantee amount of the Company reaches the public announcement of the provisions of Articles 25 and 4 of the Guidelines on Handling Loans and Endorsed Funds of Public Issuing Companies
 106/07/21  Announcement Amendment of the Annual Report of the 2016 Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company
 106/07/10 Media reports clarified
 106/07/07  Subsidiary Speedtech (LS-ICT) Co., Ltd. Announcement of Dispatch of Board of Directors (One Third of Directors Changed)
Announcement The board of directors of the Company decided to appoint a case by the general manager
The company intends to invest in mainland China notice
 106/06/28 Announcement Important resolutions of the 2017 general meeting of the Company
Announcement 2017 session of the Company’s shareholders resolved to lift the restrictions on non-competition of directors’ representatives
 106/06/21 Media reports clarified
 106/06/01 Announcement The Company’s general manager is different
 Announcement Acting Company spokesman changes
 106/05/08 Announcement The Board of Directors of the Company is elected as Chairman
Announcement The resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company convened the second public announcement of 2017 regular shareholders’ general meeting
 Notice of the Board of Directors of the Company through the lifting of non-competition restrictions on directors
 106/05/06 Announcement The directors of the Company changed their legal representatives
Notice of the chairman of the company changes
 106/05/05 Announcement The supervisor of the Company resigned
 106/04/07 Correction Notice The Company February 2017 Derivatives related information
 106/03/24 Announcement The resolution of the board of directors of the Company convened the announcement of the 2017 general meeting of shareholders
Announcement The Company changed accountants due to the adjustment of internal positions of Zi-Cheng Joint Certified Public Accountants
The board of directors decided not to distribute dividends
 106/01/24  Subsidiary TOYOSHIMA (BVI) CORPORATION Announces New Funds Loan with Amount Up to NT $ 10 Million and Up to 2% of Net Value of Latest Public Company’s Financial Statements
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