Supplier Management Policy

Supplier Management Policy

Supplier Management Policy
1. Member of RBA Responsible Business Alliance

SpeedTech has been a full member of RBA since 2021. Xuande fulfills the social responsibilities of corporate citizens with RBA’s goal, vision and specifications, and works with RBA alliance members to maintain the sustainable development of the electronics industry. There are 5 major aspects of RBA norms: A labor, B health and safety, C environment, D ethics, E management system, Xuande is committed to safeguarding labor human rights, health and other rights, and abides by integrity management, protecting the environment and sustainability, and implementing careers Work safely and establish an efficient and communicative management system.

Two, eight strategies
1. Integrate resources: create maximum competition.
2. Sustainable development: Together with suppliers, we attach importance to the sustainable development of economy, society and environment.
3. Workplace safety: Pay attention to workplace safety and reduce occupational disasters.
4. Energy-saving and carbon-reduction: Promote circular issues of water conservation, energy-saving and carbon-reduction.
5. Environmentally friendly: resource reuse, reduce environmental pollution, and promote an environmentally friendly supply cycle.
6. Conflict minerals: do not accept supply sources containing conflict minerals.
7. Risk management: whether the supplier of energy has implemented risk management in response to the impact of climate change.
8. Ethics and Integrity: Business activities must comply with ethical standards, no bribery or other improper benefits, and no direct or indirect conduct that violates the impartiality and professionalism of the job.

3. Supplier Management Policy
In cooperation with suppliers, the supplier partners are required to sign the supplier’s corporate social responsibility commitments, and fulfill their responsibilities in terms of labor human rights, health and safety, environment, ethics, and management systems, and jointly care about environmental labor, health and safety , Environment, ethics and social issues, and implement supplier evaluation and self-evaluation, on-site audits, performance evaluation, coaching communication and other specific specifications through the supplier’s annual evaluation work. The supply chain management unit will report the supplier to the management representative. The results of performance appraisal, etc., the process is as follows:

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