Type C 2.0 Plug: P02P132-00003-H

Applicable Specifications USB2.0
Connector types Plug  (Seam Shell/ mini size)
Status Active
USB-IF Certification Certified
TID Number N/A
Number of Contacts 12pin
Drawing Link


Current 5A(8A)
Voltage AC 20V r.m.s.
Contact resistance (initial) 40 milliohm max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage AC 100Vr.m.s.(for 1minuite)
Insulation resistance (initial) 100MΩ min
Operating Temperature -20C∘ to 70C∘
Storage Temperature -40C∘ to 85C∘
Mating cycles 10000times
Materials and Finish
Contact Copper alloy
Finish of contact in contact area Gold plated Contact area/ Nickel plated over all/Solder Tail Matte Tin
Shell Stainless steel/ Nickel plating
Housing Thermoplastic, Color Black or White
Packing type
Packing type Tape Reel
Quantity in the standard packing 1400pcs/Reel