Type C 2.0 Plug: AAA-P02-0301

Applicable Specifications USB2.0
Connector types Plug  (Seamless Shell)
Status Active
USB-IF Certification Certified
TID Number 200,000,154
Number of Contacts 12pin
Drawing Link


Current AAA-P02-0301
Voltage AC 20V r.m.s.
Contact resistance (initial) 40 milliohm max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage AC 100Vr.m.s.(for 1minuite)
Insulation resistance (initial) 100MΩ min
Operating Temperature -20C∘ to 70C∘
Storage Temperature -40C∘ to 85C∘
Mating cycles 10000times
Materials and Finish
Contact Copper alloy
Finish of contact in contact area Gold plated Contact area/ Nickel plated over all/Solder Tail Matte Tin
Shell Stainless steel/ Nickel plating
Housing Thermoplastic, Color Black or White
Packing type
Packing type Tray
Quantity in the standard packing 120pcs/Tray