Working at Speedtech

Working at Speedtech

The exciting, multicultural environment of Speedtech offers excellent working enviroment for professional and personal development.

  • Two-day weekend , creating quality of life work and leisure .
  • With an elegant air-conditioning plant and a vast office environment , creating a comfortable work space .
  • Enjoy bonuses , year-end bonuses , profit sharing , depending on when the annual operating and performance and set individual performance .
  • Protect employees enjoy labor , health , accident insurance , medical insurance and the welfare measures of Enjoy various allowances , three coupons, gift certificates birthday , wedding gifts, maternity benefits , work injury benefits, funeral grants … etc .
  • Founded employee benefits committee , annual lottery , tourism and other benefits .. creative activities .
  • Establishment billiard room and various associations (basketball , aerobic classes , song Friends … etc.), relieve physical and mental stress of high-quality environment.
  • Cheng Park was established to provide employees with rest time exchange of feelings of recreation area , offers a variety of books , periodicals free to borrow.
  • The company provides a complete education and training system to provide staff planning and career development self stage.