Welfare system

Welfare system

Salary & Insurance Benefits
Social welfare

Year-end bonus, language test/professional certificate reward, labor and health insurance, travel insurance, free to join group insurance/medical insurance/occupational disaster insurance, and distribution of profit sharing. (Note 1).

Note 1: If there is profit in the current year, 1% to 5% should be allocated as employee remuneration.

Blood donation activities, donation activities in disaster areas, etc
Staff travel
Childcare and Medical Facilities
Employee travel allowance, employee domestic travel, family day, etc.Set up AED facilities, sign contracts with neighboring kindergartens, solve employee childcare problems, and create a friendly workplace; provide employee breastfeeding rooms and infirmaries, and occupational doctors stationed in the factory regularly
Welfare Committee
Education Training
Employee dinner gathering, year-end party/spring party /festival activities, birthday gift vouchers, weddings and funerals, maternity cash gift, hospital allowances, holiday bonus, emergency aid/sickness/disability allowances, multi-society and activity allowances, sports and leisure rooms, designated store deals and discounts, etc

Provide education and training required by employees, occupational safety related knowledge, laws and regulations dissemination, and skills training for necessary jobs.