Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Speedtech requirements for original, material and packaging suppliers:

  • Buy and sell the subject, confirm the order, on time delivery, delivery and payment conditions, delay liability, warranty obligations, price concessions and adjustments, delivery targets, product packaging and labeling, product liability, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, force majeure events, quality Information, reliability, quality objectives, quality assurance, quality anomalies and corrective measures, manufacturing date and lot number control, material recognition, manufacturers assessment obligations to inform the terms of the contract signed by both parties.‎
  • For the delivery of spare parts, packaging materials and other supporting materials are required to comply with Xuande (product environmental specifications) and (customer list of environmental management substances) environmental management of substances .
  • The third unit test report provided by the supplier shall be updated once a year according to the test date, and the latest effective test report shall be provided one month prior to the expiration of the report and the Xuande GPM upload shall be completed. If the supplier fails to complete and pass the latest effective test report of Xuande GPM on the day when the report expires, the supplier is willing to undertake the suspension of Xuande and cost loss due to the expiration of the report. Suppliers of raw materials analysis report should meet the requirements and requirements of Xuande, fraud or delay can not be false reports provided, upon verification of the seller to provide a false report as Xuande loss caused by the seller, the supplier delays in providing the report, Xuande has the right to require the seller to stop supplying.‎
  • Copper shall be accompanied by “Material Material Certificate”. If there is any change, the supplier shall be liable for compensation. ‎
  • The products that have been approved by UL must be supplied in accordance with the specifications of UL plastic materials and delivered with the certificate of plastic material. If there is any change, the supplier shall be liable for compensation . (The scope of the original material plastic particles, semi-finished products, purchased semi-finished products and finished products, the guarantee must cover the items provided by UL)‎‎
  • Gold, tantalum, tungsten, cobalt, tin,Mica metals are not passed through anarchy or illegal groups, mined by mining areas in the conflict zone of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or by illicit smuggling. Do your utmost to material sources, refuse to use the conflict minerals from the conflict areas, and ensure that all the metals contained in the products provided by Xuande comply with the conflict-free rules.
  • Suppliers shall comply with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) to ensure a safe working environment, employees are respected and dignified, their business practices are environmentally responsible and ethical.