Stakeholder area and complaint channels

Stakeholder area and complaint channels

  STEEDTECH for daily business to various forms of activities to identify the main stakeholders: suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders, and stakeholders of the communication and interaction is an important part of the operation of the company, through the multiple channels of communication, understanding And shall respect and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the interested party. If employees have unreasonable incidents such as company system, working environment, employee benefits or forced (compulsory) labor, discrimination, harassment, etc., they can be named or anonymously reported through the following complaint channels; external interests can also be named or anonymously through the following channels Contact us, the company promises the principle of confidentiality, and put an end to retaliation.
Stakeholders Communication methods and channels Communication frequency 2021 Communication Performance Concerns and issues Window
Employee 1.Regular communication meetings 2.Supervisor individual consultation 3.Appeal channel/special line 4.Welfare Committee 5.Education and training 6.Physical mailbox Review at any time or on an annual basis 1.Symposium for new colleagues 2.Regular communication meetings 3.Supervisor individual consultation 4.Complaint pipeline special line 5.Welfare Committee 6.Educational training 1.Salary and benefits 2.Promotion pipeline 3.Career development Contact person: Mr.Hsu Email:Joe.Hsu@speedtech.com.tw
1.Regular communication meetings 2.Audit inspection 3.Education and training 4.Health Check Irregular or quarterly, every three years 1.Occupational Safety and Health Committee 2.8s activities 3.Pre-employment, on-the-job and professional license training 4.Physical, health and special medical examination Health and Safety
Shareholder/ Investor 1.Shareholders’ meeting 2.Telephone 3.Email 4.Annual report Yearly or irregularly About 60 cases were received and completed through the investor communication window. 1.Industry overview 2.Business strategy 3.Operational status 4.Dividend Policy 5.Shareholders’ Equity 6.Related news 7.ESG issues Contact person:IR Mr.Hsu Email:Ethan.hsu@speedtech.com.tw
Client 1.Field visit 2.Telephone 3.Email 4.Satisfaction survey Yearly or depending on the situation 1.According to the situation and needs of major customers, we will arrange actual visits from time to time, face-to-face interviews to understand product-related issues, including quality/promotion/after-sales service for business discussions. If you can’t visit, you can communicate by phone or email. 2.Due to the impact of the international situation and the epidemic, we will communicate with some customers to make price adjustments in 2021, and some have indeed achieved the target of increase. 3.To survey major customers on customer satisfaction every quarter, to understand customer feedback on Xuande’s problems, and to provide the basis for adjustments in the factory. 4.For quality problems, arrange business and quality personnel to do various methods, including telephone/email/on-site understanding and discussion, with the aim of solving them as soon as possible and giving customers a satisfactory reply. 1.Service quality 2.Product quality 3.Green production 4.After-sales service 5.Payment terms 6.Appeal channel Contact person: Mr.Fan Email:Charles.Fan@speedtech.com.tw
Supplier 1.Field visit 2.Telephone 3.Email 4.Audit 5.Satisfaction survey Monthly or anytime or depending on the situation 1.Supplier quarterly assessment (quarterly) 2.Supplier meeting (irregular) 3.Email and telephone contact (irregularly) 4.Procurement contract/letter of commitment (irregular) 1.Stable supply 2.Reasonable price 3.Prohibition of conflict minerals 4.Green Procurement 5.Matching mode 6.Payment terms Contact person: Mr.Shen Email:Ives.Shen@speedtech.com.tw
Government agencies 1.Field visit 2.Telephone 3.Email 4.Written check 5.Official documents Yearly or quarterly or irregularly Receive and process government regulations and official documents. 1.Regulatory compliance 2.Environmental protection 3.Fire security inspection 4. Integrity management 5. Information disclosure Contact person: Mr.Chuang Email:LeoChuang@speedtech.com.tw