SAS PCIe 68Pin Connector

SFF 8639 is an extension of the 8482 SAS Connector which has signal quality requirements (to support 12Gb/s SAS and gen 3 PCIe) and adds support for SATA Express and 4 Multilink SAS or PCI Express. The connector have a total of 6 High Speed signal paths, strangely each specification only ever uses up to 4 them at any time

Features and benefit

Ø Supports serial data rates up to 12Gb/s per lane.
Ø Meet SAS 3.0 electrical performance spec
Ø Hot-Plugging capability & Guide post allows blind-mating.
Ø Support SATA, SAS 3.0 and PCI Express 3.0 based device.
Ø Six lanes, up to four active lanes.
Ø 100% CCD inspection.
Ø Made by automation, made in Taiwan.


Ø   Servers.

Ø   Data center.

Ø   Storage.

Ø   Workstations.

Ø   Devices/ JBOD

Product Description

There are several different types of SAS PCIe Connector.

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