Mini SAS HD Connector

The Mini SAS HD is the next generation high speed connector of SAS interface. It not only allows for signal transmission of SAS interface but also meet PCIe. Mini SAS HD compatible SAS 3.0 spec that serial data rates up to 12Gbps per lane, bandwidth up to 48Gb/s. Width of Mini SAS HD is narrower than Mini SAS by 50% that saves PCB space. Besides, Speedtech’s Mini SAS HD are SMT and Hybrid Type, no need for mounting screw can makes process even more efficiently.


Features and Benefit   

Ø Compliant with SFF-8643 Specification

Ø Supports serial data rates up to 12Gbps per lane.

Ø Meet SAS 3.0 electrical performance spec.

Ø Double the port density over the current Mini-SAS.

Ø No need for mounting screw.

Ø 100% CCD inspection.



Ø Servers / PC

Ø Storages

Ø Workstation

Ø Data center

Ø Devices/JBOD

Ø RAID Controller Card / HBA(Host Bus Adapter)

Product Description

There are several different types of Mini SAS HD.

(e.g., 85/100 ohm, Dual/Quad wall, different Length of Latch, V/T and R/A)

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