Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Organization and Operations Introduction

  • Organization
    • The internal audit department of the Company is subordinate to the Board of Directors and mainly focuses on procuratorial work, assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system, measuring the efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial statements and the compliance with relevant laws and ordinances, and providing timely recommendations for improvement so as to ensure the sustainability of various systems Effective implementation.
    • The appointment and removal of the company’s internal audit supervisor is approved by the board of directors; “Resignation Management Operations” shall be handled, and its evaluation shall be carried out once a year. The aforementioned appointment and dismissal, evaluation and salary remuneration shall be signed and reported to the chairman of the board of directors for approval according to the sign-off process.
  • Operation
    • 1、upholding the spirit of transcendence and independence, in an objective and fair position, the actual implementation of their duties, and make due diligence, auditors should regularly attend the report of the Board of Directors.
    • 2、 Prepare an annual audit plan based on the results of the risk assessment, including items to be audited each month, annual audit plans and implementation of the audit plan accordingly, check the internal control system of the company and attach audit papers and relevant materials report.
    • 3、Communicate fully with the procuratorial units on the audit results of the annual audits. If there are any deficiencies or abnormalities in the internal control system discovered during the inspections, they should be disclosed in the auditing reports and tracked after the audits, at least on a quarterly basis The report was tracked until improvements were made to ensure that the relevant units have taken appropriate improvement measures in time.
    • 4、Urges all units to perform self-inspection and establish self-monitoring mechanism of the company, and use the result of the assessment as the basis for recommending the board of directors and the general manager of the Company to issue the statement of internal control.